Cool Image Magnifier for Shopify


This is as simple as it looks. Just install the app and you'll have a nice zoom effect on your product pages. No coding or configuration required at all, the whole process takes just a few seconds.

Your customers want to see the details of your product images but most image magnifiers are insanely confusing: when you move to the right the image moves to the left, when you move upwards the image moves downwards.

Cool Image Magnifier works like a real-world magnifying glass. It is just the simplest and nicest option for every store.


See it in action


  • Works with multiple product images
  • Choose the loupe size
  • Choose the background colour of the zoomed image
  • Square or round loupes available
  • Control the zoom factor
  • Optional full screen view (lightbox effect)
  • Extra zoom: if you don't have high resolution images, a extra zoom will be automatically applied to your images
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly


Just install the app with one-click and it is done. No coding, no template editing.

Free support

The app frequently works out-of-the-box but if the loupe is not displayed or the app does not recognise your image thumbnails just drop us an email and we will fix it in a breeze.

Cool Image Magnifier for Shopify

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Cool Image Magnifier
Price $2.99 per month
Free trial 30 days

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