Video Background for Shopify


The latest fashion on web design is now available for Shopify!

Enhance your site showing a video background. As simple as:

  • Choose any YouTube public video or one of our selected videos
  • Choose the section of your page where it will be shown


See it in action


The installation could not be easier. It is a one-click process with no coding required at all.

The video must be a public YouTube video. It will be shown in your store, so if you want to display a private video, you must change the privacy policy to public.

Configuration options

You can change the following options at any time:

  • Choose any YouTube video or one from the list
  • Choose the pages where you want to have video backgrounds. You can also display it on your 404 Not Found page
  • Choose the section where it will be shown (header, footer, all page, etc.)
  • Choose an optional padding around the video
  • Choose the video opacity
  • You can also mute the audio
  • Choose if the video can be paused with a single click
  • Display the video on mobile browsers or not
  • All configuration options can be set individually for each video

Mobile support

We do our best to make the app work on all devices. Unfortunately, mobile devices have changing policies on autoplaying media so it's not possible to exhibit the same behaviour across all devices.

On Firefox and UC browser everything works as on desktop browsers with no further issues.

The latest versions of Safari and Chrome will autoplay videos as long as they are muted.

Chrome may not play the video automatically if the 'Data saver' option is on.

Some mobile browsers, as older versions of Chrome, play the video after any user interaction, for example, scrolling down the page.

On some older versions of Android Browser and Safari, the videos cannot be played automatically. A transparent play button in the middle of the video is shown that can be pressed to start playing the video.

The app provides the option to be disabled completely on mobile devices to show a consistent behaviour across all mobile devices.

Free support

Depending on your Shopify theme, configuring the video background on some elements may be quite tricky. In that case, just drop us an email with the YouTube URL and where you want to place it and we will configure for you as soon as possible.

Video Background for Shopify

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Video Background
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