White Christmas for Shopify


Celebrate Christmas in your store and surprise your customers with the White Christmas App for Shopify.

The public pages of your store will show a nice Christmas decoration and a pleasant natural snow effect falling through the screen. Optionally, a lovely Christmas carol will also be played in the background.

The animations are integrated into your store without interfering with its navigation. It looks nice with every background or colour scheme.

Thanks to its responsive design, it runs smoothly on mobile phones and tablets.


See it in action


The App is incredibly easy to install and configure (no coding or template modification required).

The effects can be enabled or disabled at any time from the preferences page. You also have the following configuration options:

  • Show effects only at home page or at all public pages.
  • Show effects also on mobile browsers.
  • Two sets of snowflakes to choose from.
  • Let the flakes fall in a slight sinusoidal movement.
  • Swing the flakes while falling.
  • Add a dark overlay to enhance the snowflakes visibility.
  • Show or hide top and bottom decoration.
  • Enable or disable the background music.
  • Choose among 10 different Christmas songs.

Which effects do you recommend?

That depends a lot on your type of store and your theme. As a general rule, we recommend to start with the snowflakes and, when Christmas get closer, activate the decoration, keeping the background music for the Christmas week.

White Christmas for Shopify

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White Christmas December 25, 2019
Price $9.99 per month
Free trial 3 days

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